Gaby Fernández

Our Chef & FOunder

La Coyota Taco Bar 由主厨 Gabriela Fernandez 于 2013 年创立,拥有超过 30 年的墨西哥美食烹饪经验。

Founded in 2013 by Chef Gabriela Fernandez, who has over 30 years of Mexican cuisine cooking experience.

在此之后,她创立了 La Coyota Taco Bar,灵感来自她父亲的绰号”El Coyote”,旨在创造一个人人都能负担得起的概念,同时又不失家乡的正宗和传统风味。
Following this, she founded La Coyota Taco Bar, inspired by her father’s nickname “El Coyote”, with the aim of creating a concept that everyone can afford without losing the authentic and traditional flavors of her beloved Mexico.