Start your Mexican Journey

Gaby’s Chef advice to start your journey at La Coyota Taco Bar

酱猪肉墨西卷 Cochinita Pibil Burrito

用橙汁、achiote 酱和香蕉叶烹制的多汁猪肉

Juicy shredded pork marinated in orange juice, achiote sauce and covered with banana leaves.

红豆芝士墨西哥粽子 Refried Beans, Cheese and Jalapeno Tamales


Wrapped in corn leaves and filled with refried beans, mozzarella cheese and jalapeno

芝士克萨第亚 Choripollo Quesadilla


Choripollo Quesadilla: Flour tortilla filled with Mozzarella cheese and choripollo, diced chicken meat marinated in one of the most famous Mexican salsas: Chorizo Sauce.